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Polymorphisms of MDR1, CYP2C19 and P2Y12 genes in Indian population: Effects on clopidogrel response.

Indian Heart J. 2013 Mar-Apr;65(2):158-67

Authors: Shalia KK, Shah VK, Pawar P, Divekar SS, Payannavar S


AIMS/OBJECTIVE: Influence of genetic variations on the response of clopidogrel, an antiplatelet drug is implicated. In the present study, the prevalence of single nucleotide polymorphisms of MDR1 (C3435T), CYP2C19 [CYP2C19*2 CYP2C19*3, CYP2C19*17] and P2Y12 (i-T744C) in Indian population and their effects on clopidogrel response was analyzed. METHODS AND RESULTS: To analyze the prevalence of polymorphisms, 102 healthy individuals were recruited. Clopidogrel response was assessed by ADP induced platelet aggregation in clopidogrel naïve acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients (n = 26) screened from 100 AMI cases, before loading dose of 300 mg, at 24 h before next dose and 6 days after on 75 mg per day and platelet aggregation inhibition (PAI) was calculated between these time intervals. Genotyping was carried out by PCR-based restriction enzyme digestion method for C3435T of MDR1 and i-T744C of P2Y12, by multiplex PCR for CYP2C19*2 (G681A) and CYP2C19*3 (G636A) and by nested PCR for CYP2C19*17 (C806T). The effect of the above mentioned genetic variations on PAI was analyzed. Variant allele of CYP2C19*3 was not observed while the prevalence of 3435T of MDR1 (0.524), CYP2C19*2 (681A, 0.352); i-744C of P2Y12 (0.088), as well as wild type allele CYP2C19*17 (C806, 0.897) associated with decrease clopidogrel response were observed. Trend toward poor response to clopidogrel was observed at 24 h with the variant genotypes of CYP2C19*2 and i-T744C of P2Y12 as compared to wild type. CONCLUSION: The present study did show a trend toward impaired response of clopidogrel to inhibit platelet aggregation with variant genotypes of CYP2C19*2 and iT744C of P2Y12 compared to respective wild type genotype at 24 h.

PMID: 23647895 [PubMed - in process]