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[Optimization of tri-expression of human CYP3A4 with POR and cyt b5 in Sf 9 cells].

Zhejiang Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 2013 Jan;42(1):38-44

Authors: Xie ZM, Liu WH, Xu YC, Chen SQ


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the optimal conditions of tri-expression of CYP3A4, POR and cyt b5 in Sf 9 cells.

METHODS: The Sf 9 cells expressing CYP3A4, POR and cyt b5 were cultured in shaker flasks. The optimized conditions, including the temperature and rotation speed, the culture volume, the amount of surfactant and the culture time were studied. The expressed products in microsomes were used to metabolize the testosterone and their metabolic activity was determined.

RESULTS: When the temperature and rotation speed of the shaker were 27degree and 90 r/min, the cell density and culture volume were 5X105 cells/ml and 80-120 ml per 250 ml shaker flasks, respectively. When Pluronic F-68 was 0.1% and the culture time was 72 h, the condition was most suitable for culture of Sf 9 cells and expression of targeted proteins. When the ratio of the volume of three added viruses was 1:1:1, the expression condition was optimal, under which the Km, Vmax, and CLint for testosterone metabolism were 119.6 μmol/L,0.52 μmol/(min*g protein) and 4.34 ml/(min*g protein), respectively.

CONCLUSION: The conditions of tri-expressing of CYP3A4, POR and cyt b5 have been optimized in the study and the product CYP3A4 is obtained with higher metabolic activity.

PMID: 23505106 [PubMed - in process]